Technology for a new multilingual world

Envisioning the future of global communication

powered by KUNVENO

and DLT-based MINOS technology

About Us

We are building a new future with the best technology

We maintain Remote SI advantages…

…without any drawbacks thanks to:

Excellent sound

Optimal collaboration tools

Built-in AI tools

Our multilingual events platform

Manages multilingual events in a fully digital way

Provides quality RSI for online & hybrid events

Confers control to our stakeholders

Builds trust in the network

Reduces transaction fees by 30%

Our Services

What do we offer

High quality RSI tech

High audio quality and Computer-Aided Interpreting tools and teamwork-enabling technology, such as terminology collaboration tools and video & audio private links for the virtual interpreting booth and the platform technician

Novel business proposal

Fully digital management of multilingual events in a permissioned blockchain network. Our Distributed Ledger Technology allows for decentralisation, transparency, trust, loyalty and fair work

Market networking

We are focused on opening our multilingual events management platform to interpreter networks in national and international associations of professional interpreters and interpreters active in the social media

Transparent pricing

Interpreters negotiate prices independently with LSPs, PCOs and their own customers and we charge a flat fee over the total bill. New customers coming directly to us are assigned to one of our trusted interpreters

Data security & privacy

Our blockchain technology guarantees data security and privacy with robust smart contracts, self-sovereign identity and data knowledge minimisation

Lean operations

We are a pure technology player. Interpreters are responsible for the management & operation of customers, our main goals being software development & update, maintenance of servers and digital monitoring of events


Collaborate and test our ST&Me beta solution and become a ST Terp



  • Collaborate in the needs gathering phase of the ST&Me development
  • Participate in our Think Tanks
  • Contribute your ideas
  • Participate in our pilot testing
  • Spread the word

Beta test


  • Test our SmarTerp&Me solution
  • Includes testing of all our apps: ST-RSI, ST-CAI, ST-Edu
  • Completely free until the end of the ST&Me beta testing phase

Become a ST Terp


  • Use our multilingual events management & educational platforms
  • Training & tech assistance
  • We will apply a flat fee over the amount you bill to your customer